T'Ikapapa, Linking Urban Consumers and Small Scale Andean Producers with Potato Biodiversity


Peruvian highlands have a vast potato biodiversity, which is not being exploited adequately and on a sustainable basis. Most varieties of native potatoes are unknown, and although it is not possible to prove their erosion, it is possible to confirm their production stagnation and their latent risk to disappear. The INCOPA Project of the International Potato Center (CIP) is working in this context. Its work is oriented to develop actions to identify and exploit new market opportunities, taking advantage of native potatoes biodiversity and linking producers with other potato market chain actors in a better way. (...) The Participatory Market Chain Approach (PMCA) is the tool being used to achieve this goal oriented to involve all chain actors to generate innovations to improve potato competitiveness. As a result of this work, the T’ikapapa product (meaning Potato Flower in Quechua) has been developed. T’ikapapa is the first commercial brand supporting native potatoes sale under strict quality standards. In this sense, this document summarizes the concepts on the product development presented in the 2005 Business Creativity Award, where it won the first place in the Food Category.

Miguel Ordinola, Thomas Bernet, Kurt Manrique