Tikapapa. Linking urban consumers and Andean producers with the biodiversity of potato


In the last decades, Perú’s potato consumption has decreased, as opposed to that of rice and noodles which have received a great deal of commercial support. This trend is detrimental to thousands of families who produce potatoes in the High-Andean regions and does not take advantage of the high nutritional quality offered by the diversity of native potato. With the purpose of changing this situation, the International Potato Center (CIP), the Ministry of Agriculture, producers, retailers, processors and supermarkets have worked together in the development of products that serve to modernize the image of the Peruvian potato. One direct outcome from this effort is T’ikapapa, a marketing concept that seeks to promote the commercialization of exquisite and nourishing native potatoes with a new image in Lima’s supermarkets.

INCOPA; Centro Internacional de la Papa (CIP)