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13 July 12-1 PM EST, 20 July 12-1 PM EST, 22 July 12-1 PM EST, 27 July 12-1 PM EST, 29 July 12-1 PM EST
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Brown Bag seminars on Gender Dynamics in Value Chain Development in July

Much research has been done to‐date on gender dynamics in value chain development, however, there tends to be an overemphasis on the production node and on single commodity chains. This brown bag series looks at the findings from a set of projects that began in 2019 and were supported by the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM) via the CGIAR Collaborative Platform for Gender Research (predecessor to the current GENDER Platform). The projects analyze gender roles, responsibilities, and relations in agricultural value chains drawing on both qualitative and quantitative data looking at nodes in the midstream segments of a value chain or across multiple chains.

Five projects will be presented during virtual brown bag seminars in July:




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13 July

12-1 PM EST

“Understanding the relationship between women’s empowerment and women’s increased participation in poultry value chains in Burkina Faso”

Jessica Heckert and Jessica Leight (IFPRI)

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20 July

12-1 PM EST

“Helpers, employees or owners: Opportunities for women’s economic empowerment in agricultural value chains”

Jennifer Twyman (Independent Consultant, formerly CIAT) and Jenny Wiegel (The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT)

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22 July

12-1 PM EST

“Gender dynamics along fish value chains in India: Testing assumptions about the influence of women’s self-help groups”

Surendran Rajaratnam (WorldFish)

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27 July

12-1 PM EST

“Understanding gender dynamics in the input segment of upgraded value chains for root crops in Vietnam”

Vanya Slavchevska (The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT) and Nozomi Kawarazuka (CIP)

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29 July

12-1 PM EST

“From oil palm mamas to market queens: Measuring the gender footprint of informal and formal market value chains in Eastern Region, Ghana”

Emily Gallagher (CIFOR)

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Photo credit: CGIAR