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CARE/MEDA e-Course on Market Analysis and Value Chain Project Design

Duration Time 4-7 hours to cover 14 modules
Level begin
Students unlimited
Price free

The CARE/MEDA e-Course on Market Analysis and Value Chain Project Design provides an introduction to market-based economic development and a standard approach to conducting gender-sensitive market analysis and designing value chain initiatives. If you or your staff members are focusing on advancing progressive, market-based development programming using a value chain approach, this course can help you build the skills you need to succeed.

The course targets teams and individuals new to the value chain approach with a detailed, step-by-step introduction to conducting the analysis they need to design their interventions. The course also offers experienced practitioners the tools they need to integrate women’s empowerment and gender considerations throughout their design process.

Comprised of 14 modules, the course requires 4-7 hours of online time as well as an equal or greater amount of offline time to complete. (CARE and MEDA recommend spreading course work over several weeks or months to maximize learning and accommodate busy schedules.)

Course Material

Course One: Foundations for Value Chain Development

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Setting the Stage
  • Module 2: Introduction to a Market-Based Approach to Developing Value Chains
  • Module 3: Guiding Principles of Market Development
  • Module 4: Linking VCD to CARE’s Project Approach (CARE reps only)

Course Two:  Designing a Value Chain Project

  • Introduction: Value Chain Project Design Overview
  • Module 1: Contextualizing Women’s Engagement in Agriculture
  • Module 2: Value Chain Selection
  • Module 3: Goal-Purpose Articulation
  • Module 4: Value Chain Mapping
  • Module 5: Strengths & Constraints Analysis
  • Module 6: Identifying and Selecting Sustainable Solutions
  • Module 7: Intervention Definition
  • Module 8: Risk Identification and Management
  • Module 9: Causal Model Development

The course is based on the MEDA Guide to Market Analysis and Value Chain Program Design, CARE’s Women’s Empowerment Framework, and the work of many veteran practitioners. The developers are grateful to the following people for their generous contributions as we refined the course: The members of the GROOVE Learning Network for Value Chain Programming – CHF, Practical Action and Conservation International; Stacey Young, Jason Wolfe, and Lane Pollack at USAID; the CARE/MEDA E-Learning Course Task Force members (Gianluca Nardi, Dorcas Robinson, Meg Burns, Helen Loftin, Ann Gordon, Simrat Mand, Fazila Banu Lily, Yetnayet Girmaw, Saif Mohammad Moinul Islam, Lemmy Mange, Patience Mgoli Mwale, Farouk Jiwa, and Alejandro Rojas); Tracy Gerstle; Alexandra Snelgrove; Katie Turner; Christian Pennotti; Rebecca Baggett; Laté Lawson-Lartego; Jerry Quigley; Benjamin Fowler; Linda Jones; Yogesh Ghore; Ka-Hay Law; Shoshana Hecker; Mary McVay; and Christina Manfre.

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Course Features
Foundations for Value Chain Development
Foundations for Value Chain Development