Conference on Impacts of International Agricultural Research: Rigorous Evidence for Policy

Event Date: 
Thursday, July 6, 2017 to Saturday, July 8, 2017


6-8 July 2017 - Nairobi, Kenya - World Agroforestry Centre

The ISPC's Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA) and the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM)  are organizing a conference on assessing the impacts of investments in agricultural research.

The objectives of the conference are to present and discuss rigorous evidence from recent studies on how and how much agricultural research has contributed to development outcomes related to CGIAR goals of reduced poverty, improved nutrition and health, and improved natural resource management, and to consider the implications for how CGIAR and others set research priorities.

Special attention will be paid to the methodological challenges of assessing impacts of research and to the political challenges of using evidence in decision making.


The following sessions will be live streamed. All times displayed are local Nairobi time (GMT/UTC +03:00):

  • Thursday 6 July, 9:00, Plenary Session: Introductions and Invited Paper (Moderator: Karl Hughes)
  • Thursday 6 July, 11:15, Plenary Panel Discussion: Use of Evidence in an Era of 'Alternative Facts' (Moderator: JV Meenakshi)
  • Thursday 6 July, 14:00, Parallel Session A: Why Don't Farmers Know which Varieties They Are Growing? Insights on African Seed Systems from DNA Fingerprinting (SPIA led) (Moderator: Richard Caldwell)
  • Friday 7 July, 17:00, Plenary Session: What Lessons Are There for How CGIAR Sets Priorities? (Moderator: Doug Gollin)
  • Saturday 8 July, 9:00, SPIA Workshop: Estimating the Adoption of Specific NRM Technologies at Large Scale (Moderators: Paul Vlek, James Stevenson)